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Want to register your child for our daycare? Please fill in this registration form. As soon as your registration with us is in place, we will initiate the placement of your child. Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer advisors.

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Step 1: Family data

Address information of the parent (s) where the child lives

Parent/Caregiver 1
(This is the parent/caregiver whose name is used for requesting childcare allowance)


Parent/Caregiver 2

Parent/Caregiver Initials 2*

Contact Details

Please specify a different mail address than Hotmail. Hotmail sees a lot of our correspondence (agreements, invoices, etc.) as spam.

Street and house number*

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Step 2: Information about the child


If your child is not yet born you can leave this field blank

Want to enroll more children? Walk first all steps for one child. If you have sent the registration you can register a child.

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Step 3: Bank account information

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Step 4: Insertion information

Type of Reception*
DaycareExtracurricular DaycareToddler Program


For which package do you choose? *
52 weeks40 weeks

Desired Days*


Depending on the day (s) and locations we have limited the possibility to take a half day reception. Would you like (at least) a full day reception also happy to accommodate only a morning or afternoon? You can mention this in the comments section below.

Preferred Location:*

Extracurricular Care
For which package do you choose? *
52 weeks49 weeks40 weeksHoliday-care 9 weeksFlexcare

To which school does your child go? *

Desired sessions:*

Pre-School Care
After-school care

Preferred Location:*

Toddler Program

In the Toddler program we work with fixed session combinations. On these pages you can find the possible combinations:

Reusel-De Mierden

Please specify which combination you prefer:

Preferred Location*

If there is no possibility of placement for one or more days, are other days than negotiable? *

If there is no possibility of placement for one or more day sessions, is placement at a different location than negotiable? *

Comments and/or details

Before the reception starts, an intake interview with a pedagogical employee of the group will follow. At that moment you can discuss details such as dietary requirements etc.

When there are particularities regarding your child where it is important that we know that for placement, we will gladly bring you in contact with our educator. If this is necessary, you can indicate this below.

Also, if you want to use our early reception or if there are other requests, you can indicate this below.

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Step 5: Financial data

Are you as a parent eligible for a childcare fee? '
Either you and your partner work or follow a training or trajectory to work '


For more information, please visit or our own website: Cup Toddler Program

As regards monthly billing, you choose

E-invoice, payment by direct Debit (no administration fees)E-Invoice, no direct debit (€3.50 administration fees)

I have taken note of the House Rules and general conditions

I agree to the processing of my data by Nummereen in accordance with the privacy Statement

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